Thursday, December 14th, 2017   06:12AM
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Phase 1 Habitat & Protected Species Survey Assessments

Phase 1 Habitat SurveyThis is a preliminary and baseline survey, which includes a Phase 1 Habitat survey and also assesses the site in terms of its potential to support protected species of plants and animals and those of nature conservation concern. Where a site contains a building this will involve an external and internal assessment of the building  by a licensed bat ecologist for signs of roosting bats and/or nesting barn owls. This survey assessment is a necessary first-step in the planning process and is frequently undertaken for clients as it can save considerable time and costs.

Survey Reminders


Winter bird surveys can be undertaken from November onwards.

Please refer to our survey timetable for further information on surveys that can be undertaken this season.

December Survey Reminder

Photo Credits: Jason Curtis