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Protected Species Mitigation

Where protected species are found on a site it is often necessary to devise a mitigation strategy to ensure their survival during the development. We work closely with clients, planning consultants and architects to successfully design mitigation strategies that satisfy both Natural England or Natural Resources Wales(with respect to EPSL and badger licence applications) and the clients in respect to mitigation designs. Each site is assessed on an individual basis and fundamental to our approach is the development of a close working relationship with both the client/planning consultant and architect, developing solutions based on sound ecological surveys and a thorough understanding of the ecology of UK protected species including bats, badgers, dormice, water voles, otters, birds, great crested newts and reptiles.

For example, bat mitigation solutions can involve a variety of approaches including internal voids (bat lofts) with interconnecting links, external provisions (such as bat boxes) and integrated features such as bat tubes and cavity walls.             

Example bat mitigation components for a site in Worcestershire involving a significant bat loft with hibernation boxes, baffle areas and interconnecting links creating varied microclimates for roosting bats throughout the year.

Survey Reminders


Winter bird surveys can be undertaken from November onwards.

Please refer to our survey timetable for further information on surveys that can be undertaken this season.

December Survey Reminder

Photo Credits: Jason Curtis