Tuesday, October 17th, 2017   09:17PM
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Protected Species Licenses

Protected species licensesFor developments where protected species are identified on site it may be necessary to obtain a European Protected Species Licence (EPSL) for those species covered under European legislation (e.g. bats, dormice, otters, great-crested newts and white-clawed crayfish) or a species-specific licence, such as Natural England licences to disturb or destroy a badger sett.  A licence permits certain on-site operations to occur within a set time period and ensures that the client is operating on the right side of the law, while working towards maintaining the favourable conservation status of the protected species affected by the works. WWC has a track record of successfully applying for both European Protected Species Licences and species-specific licences.

Edward and Elizabeth have been successfully accepted by Natural England as Registered Consultants on the new  Bat Low Impact Class Licence (BLIC).  BLIC is a quicker and simpler route to a European Protected Species Bat Licence for small numbers of the relatively more common species of bat. Only a few consultants in England are registered to use this licence.

Survey Reminders


This is a good time to carry out nut searches for signs of dormice. Late September is also the end of the reptile season and bat survey seasons. We start compiling the majority of European Protected Species licence (EPSL) applications from this time onwards.

Please refer to our survey timetable for further information on surveys that can be undertaken this season.

October Survey Reminder

Photo Credits: WWC