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Habitat Creation, Restoration & Management Plans

Habitat Creation, Restoration and Management PlansHabitat creation and restoration forms an important part of many of the schemes we are involved in, from smaller projects including the creation of wildlife friendly gardens to large scale projects including the restoration of former aggregate sites. Habitat restoration and creation projects that we have recently been involved with include Blackstone Fields restoration, where we undertook a detailed feasibility study and 10 year management plan aimed at restoring a large expanse of arable land to heathland for Worcestershire Wildlife Trust. We were also involved with the creation of a wetland, comprising a series of overflow pools, which was undertaken for the Worcester Rugby Club following the redirection of a brook.

In conjunction with our ecological surveys, we can prepare a management plan, which prescribes how to manage your site for the long-term benefit of wildlife and at the same time integrating recreational activities, industry and farming where appropriate. Over the years we have provided management plans for sites ranging from nationally important nature reserves to landscaped recreational areas in association with developments. This can take the form of:


Survey Reminders


Bat and dormouse surveys are continuing at this time of year. Badger licences to disturb or interfere with a sett are issued from early July until late November.

Please refer to our survey timetable for further information on surveys that can be undertaken this season.

August Survey Reminder

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