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Botanical Surveys

Botanical Surveys

Phase 1 Habitat survey

This is a common and standard form of survey, typically complementing other forms of survey, aimed at identifying broad habitat communities and key plant species. Where applicable, it also includes information relating to important features on the site, for example, the presence of a of a rare or notable species or habitat. Botanical surveys can be undertaken throughout the year although spring or summer is the optimum period. Maps are all digitised using our in house GIS system.

NVC (National Vegetation Survey)

This is a more detailed and systematic survey providing plant composition and abundance data used to determine known semi-natural habitats that occur throughout the British Isles. It is often used at sites of known conservation significance.

Hedgerow surveys

These surveys are undertaken in accordance with the Hedgerow Regulations (1997) and are typically required when a hedgerow removal notice is submitted.

River corridor survey

This survey identifies important features of the river and can be useful when determining the impact of a scheme, such as culverting, along a watercourse.

Invasive weed surveys

There are a number of vigorously invasive weeds such as Japanese Knotweed that can be enormously problematic. A survey for these weeds will identify the extent of the problem, enabling us to provide recommendations for the control and complete eradication of these plants.

Other surveys

Survey Reminders


Winter bird surveys can be undertaken from November onwards.

Please refer to our survey timetable for further information on surveys that can be undertaken this season.

December Survey Reminder

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